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Transformational Language by Sarah K. Artha Negara, Pilates Intel Online Newsletter

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by Anne Marie O'Connor, Pilates Style Magazine

"Sarah Artha Negara is a fantastic instructor. She moved the class (Resist & Reform with Elastic Bands) along and was very thorough and knowledgeable. She also spoke highly of Balanced Body as a company and was very supportive of the mission of the company. I would love to have her back at the studio some time!" -Alyssa Wilmot, The Movement Factory, Ohio

"I am a girl of very little attention span.  And yet, I have been seeing Sarah for Pilates training for about 5 years, 2x a week.  Every time it's something a little different & she keeps me interested & challenged.  Even better, I have better arms than I had at 16 -- woo hoo!!!  She's also crazy smart about the body and can figure out what's making bits of me unhappy and can get it to release.  I always leave feeling soooooo much better." -Naomi C., San Francisco, CA

"Our instructor for this 3-D Anatomy class was Sarah (Artha Negara). She was very knowledgeable in the course content, patient in explaining every detail of muscle' function and attachment, and elegantly demonstrating the movements that a muscle or muscle groups created. She created some simple dance movement for us to practice in the class so we would remember which movement activates which Muscle. Sarah was excellent. I highly recommend anyone and everyone to take this class from Sarah. You will learn so much, understand what you learn, and retain what you learn from the class!" -Kathryn Phipps, Pilates Instructor / Personal Trainer, San Mateo, CA

"I have been studying Pilates for the last 11 years and have taken many workshops with many different teachers and I can say from my experience that Sarah is one of the top I have had the privilege of studying from. She explains each exercise in a very understandable way, demos brilliantly,and is a joy to learn from. She knows her anatomy and relates it to Pilates in a very memorable way! I highly recommend learning from her....I am glad I have the chance to." -CSM PICP Student

"I am a 20 year old female and have had a hip problem for the past five years, which forced me to retire from figure skating (after eight years) but has also left me in constant pain.  I had seen 5 different doctors (orthopedic surgeons, specialists, and others) and none were able to give me any relief.  After I had given up on finding any relief for my pain I signed up for Sarah's Pilates class, which has helped me tremendously. I am no longer in pain 24/7 and because of her class I have been able to sign up for other physical activity classes (which I never would've thought was possible). Also, Sarah's positive attitude is greatly reflected in the fun environment she sets for her classes, and is always a mood booster! I'd recommend Pilates to anyone looking for an encouraging environment for self-improvement." -Rachel Swartzbaugh, UCSC Student

"Sarah is an amazing Pilates instructor! I've taken many different Pilates classes in many different studios and gyms and Sarah is one of my favorite instructors so far. She's an incredibly friendly and takes that extra time and energy to really know and connect with her students. When I injured my back, she was incredibly helpful in giving me proper cues and giving me advice on how to take care of my injury. She mixes up her classes so that we do different things every time, and she often takes requests from students so that the classes are really personalized.

In addition to being an incredibly sweet person, she is fantastic at Pilates. Often times instructors will simply run through a routine, but Sarah guides students through all the principles and the basics so that you can do things properly and well, insuring that you're getting the best work out, and that you're also avoiding any injury that can happen with improper form. Her teaching has really opened me to things I didn't know about my body and has increased both my strength and flexibility. She is always there to check your form and posture and also to push you when you think you want to give up. I highly recommend taking her classes." -Alana W., UCSC Student

"Sarah is an excellent Pilates instructor. Even in a large group setting she manages to pass on her knowledge and enthusiasm to each individual regardless of prior experience level. I have become stronger and more aware of my body through her attention. In fact, I value her class so much that I am taking it for the third semester in a row!" -Aki R., Mills College Student

"If you are looking for someone who understands anatomy, who has outstanding knowledge in different areas of fitness, and who can give you an amazing, fun workout, look no further! I'm thoroughly impressed with Sarah as a Pilates Instructor. She is personable, detail oriented, and her experience is reflected in everything she does. Take a class with her and you'll know what I mean! A+" -Erika M., CSM Graduate

"Sarah is the most knowledgeable Pilates instructor ever!  She really takes time to get to know her students and give them the instruction that will transform their bodies and souls.  She is caring, thoughtful and extremely professional. Sarah is also and amazing dancer and choreographer.  She is able to work with any level of student or group.  I highly recommend Sarah." -Martha H., San Francisco, CA

"Can't say enough great things about Sarah! Most recently, she really helped me with a knee injury.
Tried a few things for a couple months and just did not have  any improvements until my first appointment with Sarah. She is so thorough and helped to stretch and strengthen my knee. After just
under a month it is completely better. In the past, I have seen her for group and individual pilates sessions. Sarah really knows her stuff and can help you look and feel your best ever! Thanks so much for your awesome work, Sarah!" -Camilla, San Francisco, CA