Sarah Artha Negara, Owner & Operator of Bali Body Pilates, is a Second Generation Pilates Instructor, a Balanced Body® Pilates Master Instructor, PMA® Certified Teacher, ACE Certified Personal Trainer, NASM Performance Enhancement Specialist, YogaFit® Instructor, and Reiki 2 Certified.

Sarah's has studied under the guide of Pilates Elder, Lolita San Miguel. Ms.San Miguel is one of only two instructors certified by Joseph Pilates. Graduates of the PMMP gain the titles, "Lolita's Disciple" and "Second Generation Pilates Instructor." 

In addition to teaching at her Bali Body Pilates studio in Santa Cruz, Sarah is an adjunct Kinesiology & Dance Faculty member at College of San Mateo. Sarah has taught at CSM since 2008 and founded their Pilates Instructor Certificate Program in 2011.

Sarah's areas of expertise range from injury prevention (pre-hab), post-rehabilitation training, Pilates for Scoliosis, Pilates for Osteoporosis, Pre/Post-natal Pilates & Yoga, Performance Enhancement, Flexibility Training, Dance Conditioning, Barre, and beyond.

Sarah began her Pilates training while obtaining an undergraduate degree in dance at Long Beach State University training under Susan McLain (Martha Graham dancer) and Karen Clippinger (Kinesiologist, Master Instructor, author of Dance Anatomy & Kinesiology and Pilates Anatomy). In 2002 she completed a teacher training program with Nora St.John and Naomi Leiserson at Turning Point Studios.

Nora St.John is now the founder and director of Balanced Body's Education Program. In 2010,  Sarah completed Balanced Body's Master Instructor Training Program and utilizes their materials in her teacher training programat College of San Mateo.

Sarah is also a graduate of Mills College with an MFA in Dance Performance & Choreography. At the start of her career she taught and directed Pilates programs in the San Francisco Bay Area while dancing for a variety of local modern dance companies. After earning a master’s degree in dance at Mills College in Oakland, she expanded her career into academia.

Sarah is dedicated to providing high quality training and education to clients and instructors alike, She is not just a teacher’s teacher, but continues to deepen her own education and practice as much as possible. She is a lifelong learner who continues to take workshops and classes from other master instructors; is open to looking at things from new & traditional perspectives, and stays in tune with current trends and research.

Sarah also believes in a positive approach to teaching and communicating using inclusive and transformative language (read her Pilates Intel article). Her passion for movement and the arts is embodied in her mind-body-spirit. She believes in doing what you love and loving what you do and wishes to inspire others to do, embody, and live with this same sense of purpose and satisfaction. She currently lives in her home-town of Santa Cruz and spend periods of time at her family's home in Bali as well. 

Bali Body Pilates is a boutique Pilates studio located at the historical Old Sash Mill in downtown Santa Cruz. Its beautiful, quiet, and charming atmosphere is an ideal setting for calming & centering the mind, body, and spirit. If you are someone who enjoys a private atmosphere free of distraction, values individualized attention, and desires customized training from an expert in the field, then this is the place for you.

The studio is equipped with:

4 Balanced Body Springboards

4 Balanced Body Pilates Arcs

1 Balanced Body Reformer/Tower Combo

1 Balanced Body Exo-Chair

1 Peak Pilates Ladder Barrel

1 Balanced Body Clara Barrel

1 Ped-O-Pull & many small props ...

Mission Statement

Bali Body Pilates Mission is to guide people toward living a healthy and enjoyable life through the practice of Pilates, to make Pilates accessible to as many people as possible, and build a positive, supportive & inclusive global Pilates community.

To actualize these goals, Sarah Artha Negara created an Instructor Training Program at College of San Mateo in 2011. Graduates are now teaching at over 50 locations in the US and abroad. With the high demand for continuing education, Sarah has added workshops and retreats to her menu of services and continues to expand upon her mission by creating more audio, video, and written content to share with students and teachers alike. 

To connect instructors, employers, and students

in the San Francisco & Monterey Bay Areas

Sarah established the Facebook Group called

"Bay Area Pilates Network"

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