Welcome to Bali Body Pilates

Learn to move well, to feel well, to be well!
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Welcome to Bali Body Pilates

Learn to move well, to feel well, to be well!

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Pilates & Movement Education

Welcome to Bali Body Pilates – Empowering Your Pilates Path

Discover our extensive range of offerings:

Pilates Sessions: Secure your opportunity to indulge in tailored, one-on-one or small group Pilates experiences (Contact to Book. Limited Openings)

 Group Reformer Classes: Join me for rejuvenating group reformer classes at Coastline Pilates Studio (Mondays 4:30 & 5:30pm / Wednesdays 4:30pm)

Konnector Pilates Reformer Sessions: Coming soon… get ready for an exciting new addition to the studio. Learn about the Konnector Method.

Pilates Equipment and Accessories: Enjoy discounts on Balanced Body Pilates equipment, small props, accessories, and super functional grip socks! Simply click SHOP!

Balanced Body Pilates Teacher Training: Learn Pilates on the deepest level by studying Balanced Body’s teacher training curriculum through the Santa Cruz Pilates Education Collective or take my courses at College of San Mateo.

Open Studio Hours: Enjoy equipment access and the freedom to move during supervised open studio hours for teachers and teacher training students. Contact to book ($30 for 2 hours / Min 4 Students).

Advanced Movement Principles: Balanced Body’s Advanced Movement Principles for the Lower Back trainings will be coming in 2024! Stay tuned.

Mentorship Program: Stay tuned for details of an upcoming mentorship program launch with the Santa Cruz Pilates Education Collective.

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Private Pilates Sessions

Virtual or In-Studio

Enjoy the gift of a finely tailored workout! You are unique inside and out. We each have different learning styles, fitness levels, movement experience, and body landscapes. Private Pilates Sessions will meet you where you are at and cater to your individual needs & goals.

Having your instructor’s undivided attention will help you improve your focus, alignment, and technique.

Private sessions are a great way to quickly increase your body knowledge and help expedite results.

Pilates Consulting

Virtual or In-Studio

Pilates Consulting provides career support for instructor training students and experienced teachers.

Are you feeling stagnant or stuck in your studies, teaching, or career? If yes, let’s work together to zero in on your pain points, brainstorm strategies for improvement, and create an action plan. Working with an expert in the Pilates field can help you identify your gifts, refine your skills and achieve your goals!

Discover Call

Virtual or In-Studio

Schedule a discover call if you are:

• Ready to make an investment in your health and want to discuss your personal needs and goals before booking a session.

• A Pilates teacher training student or experienced instructor looking to find a mentor to help you meet specific  teaching and/or career goals.

• Interested in becoming a Pilates Instructor and have questions about: training programs, career options, industry trends, current job market, etc.


Our Students Love Us

“I am a girl of very little attention span.  And yet, I have been seeing Sarah for Pilates training for about 5 years, 2x a week.  Every time it’s something a little different & she keeps me interested & challenged.  Even better, I have better arms than I had at 16 — woo hoo!!!  She’s also crazy smart about the body and can figure out what’s making bits of me unhappy and can get it to release.  I always leave feeling soooooo much better.”

— Naomi C.

“I love this place! Sarah Artha Negara is an AMAZING pilates instructor. I’ve taken hundreds of private and group pilates classes over the past 10+ years and she’s the best I’ve ever had. She’s so incredibly knowledgable, and she’s patient, kind, encouraging, and full of awesomeness in so many ways. I’ve taken privates at her very well equipped studio in Santa Cruz. I’ve also taken her online group mat classes offered via zoom. Very reasonable rates too. Highly recommended!!!”

— Debbie

“If you are looking for someone who understands anatomy, who has outstanding knowledge in different areas of fitness, and who can give you an amazing, fun workout, look no further! I’m thoroughly impressed with Sarah as a Pilates Instructor. She is personable, detail oriented, and her experience is reflected in everything she does. Take a class with her and you’ll know what I mean! A+”

— Erika M.