Sarah Artha Negara is known for her expertise as a Pilates teacher trainer and advanced movement specialist. She has a particular focus on injury prevention and post-rehabilitation training, helping individuals recover from injuries and regain strength and mobility. Her extensive experience allows her to work with a wide range of populations, including individuals with scoliosis and spinal asymmetries, osteoporosis, and those recovering from breast and abdominal cancer.

In addition to her specialization in injury prevention and posthabilitation, Sarah is skilled in performance enhancement, helping athletes and performers improve their physical abilities and achieve their optimal potential. She also offers pre/post-natal Pilates and yoga sessions, supporting expectant and new mothers in maintaining their fitness and overall well-being.

Flexibility training and dance conditioning are among Sarah’s areas of expertise, drawing on her background in dance. With an MFA in Dance from Mills College and a BFA in Dance from California State University, Long Beach, she has a deep understanding of movement and body mechanics.

Sarah’s teaching approach is marked by inclusive and transformative language. She strives to create a supportive and empowering environment for her students, using language that fosters a positive mindset and encourages personal growth.

Sarah’s comprehensive Pilates training began with Susan McClain, a Martha Graham dancer, and Karen Clippinger, a Dance Kinesiologist, at CSULB. She then continued her education with Nora St.John and Naomi Leiserson at Turning Point Studios. Later, in 2019, she completed Lolita San Miguel’s Pilates Master Program, earning the titles of  “Lolita’s Disciple” and “Second Generation Pilates Instructor.”

Sarah’s commitment to ongoing learning is evident through her participation in many conferences and the acquisition of additional certificates and continuing education credits. In addition to being a Nationally Certified Pilates Teacher (NCPT) and Balanced Body® Pilates Educator, Sarah holds certificates as an ACE® Certified Personal Trainer, NASM Performance Enhancement Specialist, YogaFit® Instructor, and Reiki 2 Certified practitioner. 

As the owner and operator of Bali Body Pilates, Sarah Artha Negara brings her wealth of knowledge and expertise to her teaching, supporting her clients in achieving their fitness goals, promoting overall well-being, and creating a positive and transformative experience.



To support people in living a healthy and enjoyable life through the practice of Pilates and to build a positive, supportive & inclusive global Pilates community.

Bali Body Pilates studio was established in April 2017 at the historic Old Sash Mill in downtown Santa Cruz. If you want to learn how to move well, feel great, and optimize your health, then this is the place for you! Enjoy a private atmosphere free of superficial distractions, receive individualized cuing, and customized training from an expert in the field. Its beautiful, quiet, and charming atmosphere is an ideal setting for calming & centering the mind, body, and spirit.

To actualize her mission, Sarah Artha Negara created a Pilates Instructor Training Program at College of San Mateo, where she has taught since 2008. CSM graduates are now teaching at over 50 locations in the US and abroad. In addition, Sarah offers workshops, continuing education courses, audio & video tutorials, and is currently working on expanding her online content to share with students and teachers alike.

To connect instructors, employers, and students in the San Francisco & Monterey Bay Areas, Sarah established the Bay Area Pilates Network Facebook Group and the Pilates World Book Club.