Virtual Classes

Pilates For Active Aging

Pilates For Active Aging classes focus on posture, alignment, flexibility, strength, and balance. Special attention is given to  strengthening the bones & soft tissues of the wrists, hips, and back. Students registering for this class must have the ability to get up and down from the floor by themselves. 

Mondays 12:00pm

Pilates Mat Level 1/2

Beginning to Intermediate level students will enjoy this class. Exercise modifications will be offered and you will be encouraged to move at a pace that feels right for you. Do as many or as few repetitions as needed to get to your challenge point. This class is not for anyone with active injuries or special conditions that need specific protocols.

Fridays 11:15-11:45am

Pilates Mat Level 3/4

This fun, challenging, and rejuvenating mat class is designed for advanced Pilates students and teachers  experienced in the Pilates Method. If modifications are not offered, students at this level understand how to modify exercises for themselves and/or sit them out when necessary.

Fridays 10:00-11:00am

Private Sessions

Private Sessions are the ideal way to learn the Pilates method. We are each unique inside and out, have different learning styles, fitness levels, and movement experience. Private sessions offer you individualized programing, cuing, and training from an expert in the field to meet your needs. 

In addition, at Bali Body Pilates studio, a private session means exactly that, the entire studio is reserved just for you. At BBP we value quality over quantity in both our movement and business practices. 

FREE Consultation

Book a free 15 minute consultation if you are:

  • A Pilates Instructor looking for a mentor.
  • Interested in the CSM Pilates Teacher Training Program, but still have some questions.
  • Ready to make an investment in your health, but need to chat about your personal needs and goals before selecting a class or booking a private session.


Group Classes

  • Pay-Per-Month 
  • Drop-in 

Private Sessions 

  • Pay-Per-Month $90/session
  • Drop-in $95/session

Pay-Per-Month Packages

  • Choose to take one or more classes per week
  • Book all classes at the beginning of the month:  in person, via phone, text, or email
  • Purchase classes upon booking ~or~ prior to your 1st class of the month
  • Classes may be purchased via venmo, paypal, or square


No refunds are given for missed sessions on Pay-Per-Month packages. 48 hours notice is required for Drop-in cancellations or the full appointment fee will be charged. To cancel or change a Drop-in appointment, use the link that is sent to your email from Acuity Scheduling.

Teacher Training

Join the College of San Mateo’s Pilates Instructor Certificate Program (PICP) 

All Fall 2020 classes are online. Enroll Today! Classes begin 8/19

High Quality Training with a Community College Price Tag!

The PICP was founded in 2011 by Sarah Artha Negara. Over 150 students have come through the program in the past 8 years and it has a 99% job placement rate. CSM offers a comprehensive Pilates Teacher Training program certified by the state of California and was the first college program to join the Pilates Method Alliance’s Fostering Future Professionals Program (FFP).

Follow the Pilates Program at the College of San Mateo!