Latest Past Events

Anatomy of Motion (Online)

Students will learn the bones and muscles of the human body from the inside out in contrast to the traditional cadaver approach to anatomy. The instructor will teach how to attach specific muscles of a human body to a three-dimensional skeleton. Hands-on student learning will include using manipulatives such as clay to model human anatomy, […]

Pilates Teaching Lab (San Mateo)

College of San Mateo Online, San Mateo

This Pilates Lab course is designed to provide students with practical experience in teaching Pilates, personal practice, and observation of Pilates sessions. Students will gain hands-on experience in leading Pilates sessions, receive personal instruction, and develop the skills required to evaluate and assess Pilates techniques. This course emphasizes personal progression and understanding rather than strict […]

Apparatus Teacher Training (San Mateo)

College of San Mateo Online, San Mateo

Pilates Apparatus covers exercises on the Trapeze Table, Wunda Chair, Ladder Barrel, Step Barrel, and auxiliary apparatus. This is a capstone course for the Comprehensive Pilates Instructor Certificate and the Specialized Pilates Instructor Certificate. It offers Pilates instructors a great variety of tools to use when working with clients. During the lab portion of this […]